15 oktober 2008

Gimme Your Stuff!

I came across this site whilst browsing other blogs, and thought it could be interesting. Basically you send stuff over from your country, and vice-versa.

What I can offer are:
  • Crafted goodies (small handmade things, brooches, ...)
  • beautyfull stationnery, made by people in Antwerp
  • cool citymaps of belgian cities
  • anything nice, special, ... but not too heavy to send.
What I like:
  • pretty much the same things
  • japanese craftbooks
  • cotton fabrics, ribbons, ...
  • nice sewing-patterns
  • anything special, ... but not too heavy to send.
My taste: check out my blog to find out.
Want to swap, leave a message!
Bye, An

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vlijtig zei

Ik kan je e-mailadres nergens vinden. Stuur je me even een mailtje. Want ik vind het leuk om met je te swappen.